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Open Art Museum Artches, Sloterdijk Amsterdam [NL]


Project: Open Art Museum Artches
Location: Sloterdijk Amsterdam [NL]
Year: 2012-2013
Client: Stichting Glamorous Outcast
Phase: Design
Design System: Re-Activation

The Sloterdijk [NL] station bus platform has a series impressive but monotonous concrete pillars. To re-activate the Westpoort area, an open art museum routing is designed by Urban Symbiose called ‘ARTCHES’. It accommodates a number of larger-than-life-size paintings by 12 internationally renowned artists. Via the use of QR-codes and intelligently placed markers, the ARTCHES experience will be expanded to a rich online experience.

Diagram ARTCHES in Sloterdijk station


Plan museum routing

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Scandal-E Store Interior Amsterdam [NL]


Project: Scandal-E Store Interior
Location: Amsterdam [NL]
Year: 2011-2012
Client: Scandal{e} Store
Phase: Built
Design System: Regenerative Design, Re-Activation

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Scandal{e} is a creative space where the hair salon, its additional exhibition room and concept store form one creative space.
To re-activate the ambivalent spaces to its specific program, an elevated circle is designed that pierces through all spaces and construction. The circle connects these spaces but also adds its own private space/world/dressing-room of which you are the centre. In addition, the circle acts as a rod for curtains or showcase for clothes and products.
Furthermore, the wall in the back of the hair salon is designed as a ‘wall of drawers’, a composition of re-used steel drawers and lockers from the ’30s – ’70s.

Photos by Nicole Marnati


Diagram of activated ambivalent spaces






Collection and composition of re-used drawers and lockers

Video of the ‘Wall of drawers’

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Energized Roofscape Amsterdam [NL]


Project: Energized Roofscapes
Location: Amsterdam [NL]
Year: 2011-2012
Client: Urban Symbiose
Phase: Research & Development
Design System: Energization

The city centre of Amsterdam has a large surface of more than 1 million m2 of flat rooftops, 1.054.738 m2 to be exact according to our study. With this amount of flat roof, a landscape of photovoltaic solar panels (producing 90 Kwh/m2 per year) can deliver a total of 94.926.420 Kwh per year. This provides a total group of 27.277 households (at an average of 3480 Kwh/year per household, Nibud 2011) the energy they need every single year.

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Redevelopment Heesterveld Blok 4, Amsterdam [NL]


Project: Heesterveld Blok 4 Redevelopment
Location: Amsterdam [NL]
Year: 2010-2013
Client: Ymere Housing Corporation
Phase: Preliminary Design
Design System: Re-Activation, Regenerative Design

The Amsterdam [NL] Heesterveld apartment complex, built in the 80s, is redeveloped and redesigned by Urban Symbiose to accommodate a new differentiated mix of commercial and housing program. It’s goal is to activate the local urban and creative potential. The powerful color graphic on the facades is designed by Floor Wesseling.

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Villas Off The Grid, Haarlem [NL]


Project: Villas Off the Grid
Location: Haarlem [NL]
Year: 2011-2013
Client: MB Development
Phase: Preliminary Design
Design System: Energization

Six wooden family homes in the Haarlem (NL) area do not rely on municipal water supply, the sewerage system, natural gas and the electrical power grid. The goal is to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services without compromising on modern comforts.

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Housing Atol Appartements, Utrecht [NL]


Project: Atol Appartements
Location: Utrecht [NL]
Year: 2011-2013
Client: Private clients
Phase: Design
Design System: Energization

Project description: Text

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